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How to pack efficiently for a move
Saturday, March 18th, 2023
How to pack efficiently for a move

The moving process is much more stressful and challenging considering all the small details and processes that should be carried out. One of the important moving processes is packing. Packing is very challenging and difficult work and requires a lot of strategic steps.

You should ask two main questions as you are looking at all your belongings:

  1. When do you have to start the packing process?
  2. Where do you start?

Start in advance

As it is said the early bird gets the worm. You will have less stress and save time by starting packing earlier. If you have a home with 3 bedrooms, it will require 3 or 4 days for packing. In this case, you should have all the necessary packing tools in hand and there shouldn’t be any delay.

Most people don’t realize the challenge and in the end, they face a lot of problems.

The earlier you start, the better, and the sooner it will be. Some people start months in advance and don’t feel overwhelmed on a moving day.

You should pack items that you will not use before your move first. The following items can be an example:

  • Basements
  • Guest rooms
  • Seasonal items

Start from where you want, however, don’t leave the kitchen until the end

It is recommended to start from the areas that you are not using actively. It will help you to stay organized and your daily routine will not be interrupted. In this blog, we highly recommend not leaving your kitchen until the last minute.

It is commonly known that packing the kitchen takes longer time because there are a lot of appliances and breakable items that require proper protection and packing.

Designate a packing zone

If you don’t want to get frustrated by not finding the tape when you need it, it is recommended to collect all necessary packing materials in one designated place. Not depending on the location, time and item you are packing, have an area where you can take what you need and not waste your time searching.

You can move your packing area as you move between rooms. Designate a counter, corner, or a whole empty room for this purpose. Make sure you have all the required packing supplies such as tape, boxes, newspapers, blankets, markers, and so on.

Label your boxes

All of your boxes have to be labeled because it is important to know what’s in each box. You need good markers and label each box on both sides with the information mentioned below:

  • The room it belongs
  • What’s inside of it
  • Mention if it is fragile or not
  • What side has to be up

Get good-quality moving boxes

Before labeling boxes, you need to get ones first.

You can think that you can use free-cardboard boxes for saving money. However, this kind of box will collapse and your belongings on it will be damaged. It is recommended to purchase boxes that are specially designed for residential moving.

Don’t forget to get boxes of different sizes, so you can put heavier items into small boxes, and lighter items into the large ones. If you have only large boxes, you will fill empty space with paper or other packing materials and you will take up more space in the moving truck.

Don’t pack what you already don’t use

If you don’t need something, it is just a waste of time, space, and packing material to pack it. So it is important to look through all your belongings, and after that decide what you will sell, donate or throw away.

Make a list of items that you will not pack

There are some things that you will need before and after your moving day. Toiletries, clothes, toothbrushes, towels, toilet paper, and so on. It is important to make a list of items that you will need to keep aside and not pack with other belongings. Then you will need a box or suitcase to put all the necessary items into it. Don’t forget to label it and not put it into the moving truck.

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