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Moving from an apartment to a house
Friday, March 17th, 2023
Moving from an apartment to a house

There can be a lot of situations that can make you move to a house from an apartment. For example, your family is expanding or you want to decorate and design your house as you wish.

It is a very exciting and big step to move from apartment to house. You will invest in your own house; you will have an outdoor area and can decorate and design your house according to your taste. However, there can be some disadvantages to moving to a house. Your responsibilities and costs will increase.

For less stressful and challenging moving and transition, you need to know what to expect and prepare in advance for that.

Before the move

In the planning phase of moving from apartment to house, you should be aware of various changes and difficulties you will face after the move. Urban movers prepared for you the to-do list to ensure your stress-free and smooth moving.


You will have more and bigger space when you are moving to a house. It is not always like that but in most cases, houses are bigger than apartments and have more space. When you have a larger home, you will have more than enough room for all your family members:

  • Your family will have enough rooms and especially your children will have their own bedrooms. The living room and kitchen will be more comfortable and spacious.
  • You will probably have an attic, basement, or garage to store your belongings.
  • You can install a ping pong table, pool table, or a grand piano to practice your hobbies. Moreover, you will have enough space to realize all your interests.

Besides the advantages of having a bigger house, there can be some challenges of living there:

  • For making your new house comfortable and beautiful, you will need to buy more household items, furniture, and other decorative items.
  • If you want to keep your house clean and neat, you should do more cleaning and organizing.
  • Obviously, the costs of living will be increased.


You will be responsible for maintaining your house when you plan to move from an apartment to a house. You should clean your living area and complete all tasks of maintenance handled by the landlord.

  • There are some differences related to the repairmen when you live in an apartment and a house. When something breaks in your apartment, it will be your landlord’s responsibility to fix it. However, when you live in a house, you should fix everything when they break.
  • You need to take care of outdoor space, when you live in a house. For example, trimming trees, mowing the lawn, maintaining walkways and the driveway, etc.

It is recommended to hire local movers if you are not able to perform the task yourself. There can be different reasons to hire a professional moving company, such as not having enough time, and not having people to help you with lifting all your heavy furniture. Don’t forget to begin your research at least two months before your move, because last-minute moving can cost you twice more as the regular one. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a moving company in Toronto. For example, you will not deal with lifting all your heavy items or driving a moving truck along busy streets.

If you don’t want to pay additional money for packing services, it is better to pack your items in advance and sort them out. It is always possible to find free or second-hand packing items from stores or online markets.

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