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What is the best time to move?
Friday, March 17th, 2023
What is the best time to move?

It can be tricky to determine the time for moving. Deciding when to move should be in the first place on your priority list. After determining the best time for moving, you can begin researching hiring a professional moving company, renting a moving truck, or packing your belongings. Your moving expenses and the stress level of your moving process can be influenced by your decision.

Your budget, preferences, requests, and needs are among the most important factors for deciding the best time to move. If the main goal is to save money and spend less, it is recommended to move in the late fall, winter, or early spring. Moreover, if your children study at school, you should choose summertime for moving.

If you choose the fall to move, you will be able to find reasonable offers and prices. It is the off-season, so finding a house or apartment with a reasonable price.

It is known that during the winter the demand for moving is lowest. You will spend the least amount of money if you decide to move during the winter. You will be offered a more flexible schedule. On the other hand, weather conditions can create a barrier for you, and it is not a good time for children to move.

Compared with the summer or early fall, the demand for moving is not higher and there is better weather condition.

If you want to sell your house or apartment, summer is the best time to do so. The demand is always high during the summer and you will get the best price. However, you will spend much more money on moving compared with the other seasons.

Best month to move?

If you want to figure out what is the best month for moving, we can help you say from mid-September to April. In order to save money and energy, it is recommended to move during the above-mentioned months. The demand for a move is lower, so the rates are lower. It is known that 70-80% of the moving happened between spring and summer.

Especially, families with schoolchildren prefer to move during the summer for not to disturb their children. It is easy to move during the summer and spring because the weather conditions are very suitable. If you prefer to move during the wintertime, it is recommended to protect your carpets, glass, and fragile items safely.

Best week of the month to move?

It is recommended not to move during the beginning or end of the month. The mid of the month is considered the best week to move home. If you have the opportunity it is better to move in the middle of the week.

Best day during the week to move?

You will save money if you move from Monday to Thursday because the demand is lower during these days of the week. If you are working, you can take a day off and complete your moving process. However, during the weekend the demand for movers and prices increase. Moreover, if you move on a weekday, you will have time for unpacking and organizing your belongings.

Best time to move during the day?

Early mornings are considered the best time for moving. The majority of professional movers begin their work at 8 am or 10 am. During the summer, at the mentioned time the weather is cooler than in the middle of the day.

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